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Can I Really Lose Control?

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Name:Heart's Discord
Website:The Aevan Trilogy @ Angelic Secrets
Welcome to "Heart's Discord": An original novel by Dark Jedi Princess
Welcome to “Heart’s Discord”! This is an original High Fantasy story by [Profile]darkjediprincess, started in November 2006 after a trip to the Texas Renaissance Festival made DJP’s Muse of Originals a little overactive.

Journal Info
This journal is owned and maintained by [Profile]darkjediprincess. It was created after DJP deemed her FanFic community [Profile]millennia_fanworks an inappropriate place for her original stories, and moved them here (and to [Profile]indagatio_eterna, where her other main stories “Legacy”, “Auriga-Capella”, “Running From Time”, “The Devil You Know”, “Children of the Gods”, and “Constant Autumn” are kept).

[x] Introduction/General Info
[x] Extended Backstory/World History
[x] Extended Character Bios
[x] The Nations/Map
[x] Chapter Index - Book I
[x] Artwork up ’til 13 July 2007
[x] Soundtrack

About the Story
Rori Aevan is a half-demon mercenary, wandering around the expansive lands of Antis-Ethium with a rag-tag group of followers: Enin Paeldor, a cleric of the god of Protection; Aiden Mori, sorcerer; and Caiman Lyason, thief. The peace between the Nations of Antis-Ethium, which has been kept for nearly 300 years, is about to break, and rori and her wayward group of traveling companions seem to be the only ones able to stop it.

Well, so life goes.

There's just one setback: Lorenna, Rori's demon half. She's constantly fighting for control of Rori's body, and fighting only makes her stronger. If Lorenna wins out, Antis-Ethium is most likely doomed.

But only most likely.

[x] Rori Aevan – A half-Demon mercenary from Aelgate who faces a constant inward struggle with her other personality
[x] Lorenna – Rori’s demonic half, who is constantly fighting for control of Rori’s body
[x] Enin Paeldor - A cleric of the god of War, Justice, and Strength, and an old friend of Rori’s
[x] Aiden Mori – A sorcerer from Atlunova, Virilana’s northeastern neighbour
[x] Caiman Lyason – A slimy thief/rogue from the Western Desert

Journal Resources
[x] All artwork is by [Profile]darkjediprincess.
[x] Brushes: Paint Splatter Drops set 1 by ~ardcor (Logo Blood Spatter)
[x] Journal Header Texture: Big Texture 30 by [Profile]wonderland__
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[x] Fonts: Hesperides Demo (Logo), FG Christine (Journal Header URL), Vladimir Script (Profile headers), Lucida Sans (main journal text), Garamond (HTML Headers)
[x] Icons by [Profile]albur_lily and [Profile]darkjediprincess
[x] Journal text from the song "Lose Control" by Evanescence.

All work in this journal is © 2006–12 Katherine O’Brian/[personal profile] darkjediprincess. Do not copy, edit, reproduce, or repost without explicit, written permission!
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